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01 December 2006 @ 06:11 pm
22 October 2006 @ 03:09 pm

This is the picture they linked to:

Nice original character, there.

The rest of the thread, or at least the highlights.Collapse )
18 October 2006 @ 03:55 pm


For those of you who don't know, "Vaca" is Spanish for "Cow." :D

"First comes rules." Then comes marriage, then comes...

"Semi-lit and up." Non-lamps need not apply.
18 October 2006 @ 03:13 pm
Oh, yeah, this was a comment on the thread that Rebellious Andrew and Disturbing Notebooks were posting in.

18 October 2006 @ 03:12 pm
Name Tai age 17 eyes black hair black with red tips goes down to his eyes wearing a black shirt that says ki$$ me im a pirate with a skull and cross bones on front and has black dickies on and black dvs shoes has eyebrow peirced and bottom lip peirced 3x and he gets hyper often he'll be calm on minute and the next minute he'd be bouncing off the walls

Tai sat outside writting in his notebook inside the notebook awful and disturbing things were wrote in it
18 October 2006 @ 03:12 pm

Andrew was a total punk. Of course he had the lanky and also big jean camofage pants that overered his all starr high tops, wich was black like his hiar. Chains hung from everywhere on his paints, name its there. Anarcky sighns were all over his pants, and allso skulls.He loved skulls. Andrew McCurry laid in the freshly moeed grass wich said, DO NOT STAND IN GRASS! But he was a rebel.

then, later:

Andrew spotted Ellie and gave a hard nodd. He could see that she was an indie snob. Ew, he hated indie but she look hotter than any other girl outt here. His untied shoes lifted himself up with ease as he walked with grunged detal. Perfect punk he was. He walked with his untied shoes, another rebel move
18 October 2006 @ 03:12 pm
They sky over the grounds was dark as it twas night. The large building stood tall and dark against the ever darkening sky. The courtyard and gardens were so pristine that one would never have gussed the place was a boarding academy for 'Bad Seeds'.
18 October 2006 @ 03:11 pm
Only rules are those that apply to Neopets and DON'T ASK TO JOIN.There are 8 rooms.Please double as a guy if you notice there are few.All characters are friends and know each other.

Amanda is 17.She has blonde hair and sea foam green eyes.Over these eyes she wears a pair of large Coach Sunglasses.Her curvy torso is draped in a silky pink halter top from Dolce & Gabana with a tiny D&G stitched into the bottom right hand corner.A destroyed denim mini clings to her waist in size 0 from Prada.Her shoes are clad in pink ballet flats from Chanel with white polka dots.-c-

Amanda drives up to the house in her black Range Rover she got for her 16th birthday.She steps out,carrying a pink Dior clutch purse.It holds only her pink T Mobile Side Kick and lip gloss (Katu's note: WAIT! WHAT KIND OF LIP GLOSS IS IT?!?! I NEED TO KNOW. Oh, here: her Avon lip lipstick that was half-used and flavored like strawberries and it had sparkles too!).She slams the door and locks the car,walking to the door.She unlocks the door and walks in."Anyone here?" She asks aloud.

Austin was 17,like his sister Amanda.They were twins.Austin had blonde hair and blue eyes.He had traveled to the house in his own car,a red BMW convertible.He opened the trunk,grabbing his only suit case.He wore a blue Billabong shirt and jeans from Dolce & Gabana.He carried his suit case up to the house,walking up to the room next to Amanda's which was his room.
Matt: matt
Costume:always weres white makeup with black around his eyes and black lips.He weres a black t-shirt with dickies with a neon green belt he weres leather gloves.areas that show skin r blood stained.He has shoulder length hair and always wears a black tall hat with bones around the rim.
Matt is a phcotic demon with neon green eyes.

Matt was dancing in middle of the street.

"icevampiress": A figure was sprawled out on a rotting bench in the graveyard. Two legs sprung out from a long cloak covering its body. The moon shone down on the figure's face, illuminating a woman's pale complexion. Fair skin was contrasted with red lips. Two glistining fangs barely peeked out of the upper lip. A sigh escaped her lips as two violet eyes rolled lazily around.-c-

A small breeze came floating by. Otherkin were about. She smiled wickidly. "Brothers and sisters, where do ye lie?" She spoke aloud in a seductive singsong voice. Sitting upright she paused, eyes flashing for the sight of the others. A malicious smile played on her lips as she rose from the bench and stepped forward into the shadows.-d-

Matt: Matt laughed"r u okay?"